About Acrannolife

Awarded as one of the 25 innovative companies in India


Acrannolife was initiated with a vision to detect chronic conditions at an early stages and making genomics technologies accessible

We develop diagnostic technologies with a wide array of applications with a focus on developing low cost diagnostic tools that can be implemented in large scale with minimal infrastructure.

We are the first Clinical Genomics Company to be appreciated and partially funded by Govt. of Tamil Nadu as well as DST, Govt. of India. The key focus of company is to serve the needs of Healthcare through personalized medicines and genetic testing.

The company has skilled human resource for handling various services with intellectual support as required in specific domain like Clinical Research, Healthcare, Bioinformatics and R&D. Acrannolife is promoted by eminent professionals of IMT Ghaziabad, Calcutta University and Anna University.


We are here to create products to save lives


Hours of Research


Team of Scientist


Lives impacted


To provide affordable high-end genomics diagnostics services to general public in a self-sustaining way


To revolutionise healthcare with novel technologies in affordable and sustainable way

Acrannolife has two innovative solutions

Coviqwik is a reliable solution with a vision to make to COVID-19 testing faster, accurate and feasible. It is a product by Acrannolife in collaboration with ICMR. The product helps to make mass testing scalable and to make public places safer.

Liquid biopsy is novel technology, which involves sampling and analysis of non solid bio molecules. This procedure uses liquid biomarkers blood, urine, etc. These liquid biomarkers carry the fragments shed by the tumours. These fragments are used for analysis of tumour.