Preventive health care

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“Prevention is better than cure”, this famous adage stresses the importance of prevention of occurrence. In the lines of prevention, health care also moving towards preventive health care which focus on prevention of diseases.

Preventive health care works on the root causes of diseases. There are several factors which influence the diseases such as environmental factors, lifestyle, genetics etc. With the increase in the number of deaths related to non communicable and chronic diseases, preventive healthcare gaining more attention.

There are many ways to prevent diseases which include regular check up, early screening techniques, analyzing risk factors, etc. The one of the novel technologies in preventive health care is a genetic predisposition test. This genetic predisposition test tells about susceptibility of an individual to particular diseases.

Genes are not just defining our fate, but they do alter our fate in a better way. This is a concept behind genetic predisposition test. Parents don’t just pass appearance, character, skills etc to their children, but they pass diseases causing genes. Many diseases may be inactive in parents, but they get active when it passes to the children. The genetic predisposition test tells about risk of acquiring diseases.

The occurrence of many chronic diseases such as cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes etc can be easily predicted by genetic predisposition test. Once we get to know that we are susceptible to particular disease, it helps us to adapt an appropriate lifestyle.

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