Does breast cancer affect men?!

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The famous myth about breast cancer is occurrence of breast cancer is restricted to women. This myth results in serious problems. Even though the occurrence is higher in women, breast cancer can affect men too. Lack of awareness about breast cancer in men prevents men from undergoing early detection test and related procedures.

An independent research says by the end of 2017 about 2800 men are expected to breast cancer. Less than 1% of total breast cancer cases are reported in men. But still this topic requires attention as the effects are irreversible in nature.

“How can men get breast cancer when they don’t have breast?”, This is a basic question arises in the minds of everyone. To answer this question, we need to explore the anatomy of the human body. Both male and female have breast tissue. But the growth of breast is restricted in men due to the absence of certain hormones in men which is responsible for breast stimulation.

The major cause for breast cancer is men are age factor, abnormal estrogen secretion, Klinefelter syndrome, genetic factors and environmental factors such as exposure to radiation. The signs and symptoms of breast cancer in male include lump formation, nipple pain and nipple discharge. Treatments are almost similar to breast cancer treatment in males.

When it comes to cancer, the first and foremost test to combat is early detection. It is always advisable to undergo genetic predisposition tests which can predict the occurrence of cancer. So not only women, men should also come forward to undergo both early detection and prediction tests.

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