Cancer and its emotional cost

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Cancer not only affects people physically, but also emotionally. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, their life changes upside down. More than the physical pain caused due to the nature of disease and treatment, mental stress that completely take away a person from normalcy. Cancer puts its patient in very hard space where one feel even the air and light is stolen by cancer.

Cancer plays emotional roller coaster in its patient’s life. Fear and anxiety are the two things which can’t be separated from cancer. New medical terminologies, treatment methods and chance of missing precious life altogether leads to endless fear.

Financial burden caused by treatment methods, chance of getting second cancer, change in usual schedule etc leads to anxiety. Battling the cancer starts with battling of fear and anxiety. More than 30% of cancer patients suffer from depression.

Successful treatment doesn’t lead to complete normalcy. Most cancer survivors undergo Post traumatic stress disorder. At most time, the effects of treatment affect them greatly and they also fear about the recurrence of cancer in near future.

Family members of also undergo untold miseries during the course of cancer in their dear one’s life. Many cancer survivors said that cancer affects the family members more than the patients.

So in order to avoid all these miseries, regular checkups for cancer and prediction test helps to greater extent in the frustrated journey of cancer.

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