Jointly brings you a CERTIFICATION Program in CLINICAL GENOMICS


Seminar Hall, V.S. Clinical Research Centre & Hospitals (P) Ltd., 4th Floor, Phase II, TICEL Biopark, CSIR Road, Taramani, Chennai – 600 113.

About the Organizers


The mission and vision of Acrannolife Genomics is to provide affordable high-end genomics diagnostics services to general public in a self sustaining way. Acrannolife Genomics aims at developing technologies that would enable providing the most affordable, pharmacogenomics and genetic diagnostics tests and have its own patented technology on genetic diagnostics. Acrannolife Genomics is a community of individuals who are dedicated to the achievement of excellence and who share a vision to prevent/ manage chronic diseases such as cancer, chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular diseases and chronic liver cirrhosis by providing affordable high-end genomics diagnostics services to cater to all sections of the population. Acrannolife Genomics aspires to become a one-stop “Centre for Excellence in Clinical Genomics” through diligence, dexterity and dedication, imbibing in its team with a spirit of quality consciousness, sensitivity and honesty to enable to face the competition evident at global levels. Acrannolife Genomics strive to develop skilled professionals to cater to the industry needs and its comprehensive skill-development program adopts unified approach, calling for rigorous study in various subjects of “Clinical Genomics”. Our candidates will emerge as dignified, responsible, and talented professionals in Clinical Genomics and strive to continue the journey of providing affordable clinical genomics care for the society, thereby enable a healthy nation that could aim prosperity and success.


V.S. Clinical Research and Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. was established with the vision of creating an organization with scientific expertise and technical skills to impart training in Clinical Trial Management (CTM), which includes pre-clinical and clinical trial of dose response analysis of drugs and devices. We established our company in TICEL BIO PARK, Taramani, Chennai. We have created the state of art infrastructure to cater the need of researchers, doctors, medical practitioners to integrated research trials on Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Phytochemistry and Veterinary science. We also conduct short and long term training programs and workshops in topics related to biomedical research in fields of Life Sciences and Medicine. VSCRH is to offer an unparalleled, uncompromised, Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Good Laboratory practice (GLP), excellent clinical trial management and quality clinical data management.


VS Clinical Research & Hospitals Pvt. Ltd. was established with a vision of creating an organization with scientific expertise, technicians and to give better foresight for pre-clinical and clinical trials of drugs and devices for bio pharmaceutical companies. Skill development for research scientists and health care professionals will also be provided.


We intend to harness talent from the fields of Biotechnology, Allopathic Medicine, Indian Medicine, Pharmaceutical companies and Information Technology to provide expertise in safe biomedical research encompassing ethics, regulations, Good Clinical Practice, GLP and GMP. High standards will be maintained in skill developments, to prepare aspirants to conduct Research and Document all data in E formats i.e., I.E, CRF and prepare submissions for FDA approval to Govt. of India and other regulatory agencies in Japan, Europe.


The course is first of its kind to bridge the gap between the academia and industry and cater the needs of medical biotechnology and Clinical Genomics Industries. The course is primarily aimed at skill-enhancement training for life-science students, clinicians, nurses and allied-health professionals. The course offers intensive practical laboratory training and interactive training in the concepts on latest and advanced techniques used in genomics.

The program will address the fundamental aspects of clinical genomics that underpin clinical practice, focusing on the latest scientific, technological and bioinformatics applications

The course is designed to equip attendees with the skills required to work in contract research organizations, clinical genomics companies, large diagnostics laboratories & hospitals, R&D Labs of Biotech and Pharma Companies and other life-science industries.




Day 1

Genetic Diseases in Human Physiological Systems

Day 2

"Omics" Technologies and their Applications to Genomic Medicine


Day 3

Molecular Diagnostics in Human Diseases

Personality Development, Corporate Etiquettes and Corporate Communication Skills



Day 4

Isolation / Extraction and Purification of DNA

Extraction of cellular RNA

Primer design for PCR and Sanger sequencing

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Blotting, Gel electrophoresis of PCR amplified products

Probe Labeling & Probe Hybridization

Quantitative PCR (qPCR) for estimation of gene copy number or transcript expression levels

Genotyping with qPCR


Day 5

Biological Databases

Basic Bioinformatics Tools: BLAST, FASTA, Multiple Sequence Alignment Tools – CLUSTAL-W

Molecular Docking and Visualization Tools

Sanger Sequencing Data Analysis


Day 6

Statistical Tools for NGS Data Analysis

Galaxy Usage