Genetic predisposition of CVD

CVD is a condition of heart where the blood vessel to the heart is blocked blood vessels. CVD includes stroke, heart attack, angina, coronary heart disease, congenital heart disease and other related heart diseases.

The occurrence of CVD can be predicted by genetic testing. In genetic testing, the common genes related to CVD are analysed for any variations. This method involves searching for mutation in genes which may lead to CVD. Based on these variations, the chance of getting CVD can be predicted. Genetic testing tells about susceptibility of an individual to cardio vascular diseases.

Heart Disesase

About 80% of Cardio vascular diseases can be prevented. When the susceptibility to CVD is known, The person can modify environmental factors which are potential in causing CVD. They can switch to health life style.

Cardiovascular diseases now become as one of the leading cause of mortality in India and world.

An estimate says, the global CVD death rate is 235 per 100000 populations and this rate is quite high in India with 272 per 100000.

CVD also results in increase in premature mortality rate. The number of year lost in premature mortality is also increaed due to CVD.