Cancer Diagnostics

Every cancer is caused by damage in genes, which is so called mutation in biological terms. In some cases cancer is caused by hereditary causes and these cancers are called hereditary cancer. Some people born with gene mutations which in later stage of their life develops into cancer. Cancer is also caused by environmental cancer such as radiations, pollution, chemicals etc. All these factors lead to mutation in sequence of genes.

In genetic testing, the common genes related to cancer are analysed for any variations. This method involves searching for mutation in genes which can develop into cancer. Based on these variations, the chance of getting cancer can be predicted. This helps in early detection and appropriate lifestyle adaption.

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Genetic testing plays significant role in both hereditary and non hereditary cancer (sporadic cancer – Cancer caused by environmental factors).

With susceptibility to cancer is known, the cancer journey is made simpler. When a person has a high risk for getting cancer, he/she can go for frequent screening test. With this early screening, the treatment becomes easy and the life can be saved.

The spreading of cancer is more dangerous comparing to primary cancer. This can be prevented with early detection. More than 80% of cancer is reported in terminal stage in India. In terminal stage, the chance of survival is very less. The cost of treatment is quite high in terminal stage. It is always better to be informed than regretting in future.

Cancer can be part of life, but not completely. It is a just a phase of life. One can easily fight with cancer with current developments in medical technology. It is always advisable to destroy the roots. Genetic testing helps in fighting the cancer in roots.