DNA screening for the important moments in life

We help you make smart choices about your health, your family, and your future.

Counsyl Family Prep Screen patients

For a better tomorrow

Our genetic predisposition tests help you in making informed decisions about health. It is always better to be informed than regretting in future. Our results help in adapting appropriate life style which can make your health better.

A Counsyl Inherited Cancer Screen patient

Write your own destiny

There is always a misconception that Our genes decide Our fate. May be this is true to certain extent but nor completely. With the advent of clinical genomics, susceptibility to various inherited diseases can be prevented through which one can rewrite their destiny.

A Counsyl Informed Pregnancy Screen patient

Understand your genomic profile

Understand your genetic makeup with our advanced genetic tests. Your genomic profile is one which can guide you better in your journey of life. It helps in better planning for health.